School Physicals

school_physicalsSchool physicals do not need to be a source of headaches in Orlando. Whether students have recently moved to the area, are attending school for the first time, need annual physicals, or are involved in sports, they are a fact of life. Every child needs to have regular exams. It is a practical way to make sure your child is healthy and strong, to diagnose any potential problems, and provide the school with vital health records.

The first step in tackling school physicals is to set up an appointment with an Orlando primary physician. Come in to the clinic to meet the doctor and staff, to become familiar with the atmosphere. Children need to be comfortable with their doctor. Establishing a relationship is key. There should be no fear involved with school physicals. Once an appointment has been made, children will come in to have a regular examination. Your Orlando doctor will give you the opportuntity to voice any concerns and ask questions. The doctor will also have a baseline of health concerning your child in order to have a comparison for future visits.

You may wonder what to expect for Orlando school physicals. They are typically the same, regardless of location. Height and weight will be noted, as well as any allergies or existing conditions. The doctor will examine the eyes, mouth, and ears, requiring a simple vision test as well. The child’s skin will be examined for the presence of any moles or blemishes that might be troubling. The alignment of the spine will be assessed to rule out the potential for scoliosis. A urine sample will probably be requested to look for any urinary problems. If there are any weight issues, a proper diet and increase in physical activity may be recommended. The doctor will discuss the family health history as well as any prior surgeries or medical emergencies.

At the conclusion of the exam, the doctor will determine if there is a need for future appointments or testing. Should there be concern based on the urine test, or any other portion of the exam, the doctor’s office will call to make another appointment at your convenience. The primary care doctor can also connect you with specialists if there ever is a need for additional assistance. All information will be forwarded to Orlando schools in order make sure all requirements are fulfilled.

It is important to make an appointment in a timely manner for physicals. In general, Orlando schools may not allow admission until the requested documentation is on file. It is a matter of safety for your child and the rest of the student body. Once your child has come in for that first exam, you can set up an appointment for the next year. You will also be able to rest assured that you can visit the clinic at any time that there is a concern. Illness and injuries do not keep to a schedule. Your primary care physician is there to ensure your child’s health. If you have more than one child, you can set up appointments for everyone on a regular basis. Make visits to the doctor a routine part of life and there will be no fear. Starting a positive relationship with the doctor will establish a good pattern for the rest of your child’s life.