Internal Medicine


There are a lot of confusing terms in the medical world. Patients do not even call their doctors family doctors anymore. Instead, there are a lot of titles that refer to different specialties within the medical field. You may have heard of Internal Medicine recently or seen that your doctor refers to him or herself as an internist and wondered what that meant. Internal medicine is a new term of classification applied to many of the doctors that you see when you first feel sick. General practitioners in Orlando are often Internists.

What Is Internal Medicine?

This specialty or field is not really a specialty in the same way as lung cancer or surgery. Instead of focusing on one particular ailment or type of procedure, an internist prepares him or herself to diagnose and treat a wide variety of adult diseases. However, they are not only general practitioners. Internists work in hospitals as the first to encounter patients. In such situations, their specialty is in recognizing the particular specialty to which a patient may be assigned once his or her situation is brought under control.

During their education, internists go through the same medical training that all others undergo and receive the title of MD after passing through all the required qualifications in their country of residence. Just like other new doctors, internists spend time under supervision in a hospital before they begin a residency. When this residency winds up, most doctors begin thinking about a specialty. An internist chooses to specialize in the initial diagnoses that will determine where a patient should go for more serious problems.

Caring for the Whole Patient in Orlando

Because internists must decipher patients’ symptoms and either treat them or pass them on to the correct surgeon or other specialist, they are capable of handling a wide range of diagnostic problems. The critical link that they provide involves the education of the patient. Patients do not need to become medical professionals in order to stay healthy. However, the internists can provide a minimal level of understanding so that patients are armed with knowledge when they leave their care.

What Can an Internist Do for You in Orlando?

Doctors of internal medicine are not limited to simply being diagnosis machines. They are also competent to treat many issues. They have a broad understanding of many acute and chronic illnesses. Furthermore, they may act in the fields of surgery, obstetrics and pediatrics as well as handle disease in adults.

Internists in Orlando are also excellent candidates for the education of patients. They act in this fashion when they work as family practitioners, instructing patients in how to avoid illness through changes in diet and lifestyle as well as prescription drug use. They also serve in this capacity in hospitals and other venues, teaching patients how to manage their illnesses and avoid the need for further treatment.


It should be noted that this field has 13 separate subspecialties. For instance, cardiologists are actually internists who have specialized in diseases of the heart. Other subspecialties include endocrinology, oncology, and sports medicine.

Most patients have cause to encounter doctors of internal medicine many times during their lives. These professionals provide the first assistance that most people receive when they become ill or injured. Orlando internists are important links in the health care system.